E-cargo Bikes For Business

In the modern world that we live in, it is now incredibly simple to have almost anything delivered directly to your home. As a result of this increase in demand, more delivery vehicles are on the road, causing increased traffic congestion and potentially causing adverse effects on the quality of the air. That’s why e-cargo bikes for business can be the green option that you need for last mile logistics and to deliver more efficiently!

What are e-cargo bikes?

An ecologically friendly alternative to a diesel or petrol delivery vehicle is an e-cargo bike. They have much lower running costs than cars or vans, and they are significantly cheaper to purchase than petrol and diesel vehicles. In addition, all costs associated with insurance, maintenance, and repairs are significantly reduced. E-cargo bikes are specifically designed to transport loads from point A to point B without emitting any nasty exhaust fumes along the way.

For businesses, these are an ideal replacement for petrol and diesel transportation, and e-cargo bikes are becoming increasingly popular. Equipped with electric motors, e-cargo bikes are specially designed to carry cargo efficiently.

In addition to zero emissions, e-cargo bikes don’t require road tax or parking fees, making them a versatile form of transportation for your courier staff. These products represent an important step forward in sustainable delivery, particularly in cities and towns that are striving to reduce their carbon emissions significantly over the next few years. The batteries can last for up to 50 miles and they can easily navigate congested areas, meaning that your deliveries arrive more effectively and your customers are happier.

Do your employees dislike sitting in traffic for long periods of time? Our electric cargo bikes make heavy loads easy with their light weight and ease of use. We bring you stylish, functional e-cargo bikes that are more than capable of weaving through the city.an electric

e-cargo bike
e-cargo bike


Why are electric cargo bikes beneficial for your business?

Alongside the idea that with e-cargo bikes, a company can reduce its road space usage and improve efficiency, there are so many more benefits. Firstly, electricity’s rise in popularity comes as no surprise given that many businesses prefer more sustainable transportation methods.

It has also been well documented that as a result of the pandemic, a greater number of people are walking and cycling, resulting in enormous gains across the board. As the upward trajectory continues, e-bikes can play a critical role.

We offer a range of environmentally friendly electric cargo bikes that can replace some other modes of transportation. Businesses may deduct all the costs related to e-cargo bikes from their taxes, are not required to pay road taxes, and best of all they have minimal operating costs.

In addition to improving a company’s image, they can help increase customer loyalty. When it comes to sustainability, customers are willing to pay more for a product or service that looks to do good.


What mileage can e-cargo bikes cover? 

Electric cargo bikes can deliver remarkably far even while carrying a lot of weight. Depending on the model, some bikes can travel between 25 and 50 miles at a maximum speed of 15.5 mph on a single battery charge. Of course, there will be a certain amount of variation depending on how you ride, what load you are carrying and how much assistance you need. 

However, to ensure that your riders have what they need at all times, buying a spare battery can provide you with additional range. It will also allow a quick recharge when your driver returns to the depot or warehouse if required.

Electric England
e-cargo bike


What is the maximum weight that e-cargo bikes can carry? 

When buying an e-cargo bike, it is important to take the weight into account. Both the tare weight and the load capacity or payload of a cargo bike must be considered.

These e-bikes must be equipped with an electric assist in order to comply with EU regulations. The maximum power limit for these bikes, like any other electrically assisted bike, is 250W. If the power exceeds 250 watts, they are no longer considered to be electrically assisted, but instead become motor vehicles. Therefore, bike paths are no longer accessible to them, and motorcycle insurance is required.

The engine power exceeding 250W brings with it a lot of constraints. Thus, a cargo bike equipped with a power of up to 250 watts becomes the ideal mode of transportation within the city centre. It is possible to easily reach 25 kilometres per hour with this type of power and to climb hills. Due to their extremely lightweight nature, box bikes are able to accomplish all of this.

There is always a substantial weight difference between e-cargo bikes and normal bikes. As far as the electric assistance is concerned, variations on power will occur and therefore it is important that you find the right e-cargo bike for your business needs.



What are the best e-cargo bikes for business?

Are you looking for a sustainable, zero-emission delivery solution that fits into your business? There is no one size fits all when it comes to business e-cargo bikes, which is why we provide a wide range of models. Our e-cargo bikes could be the answer for you and your last mile logistics! Check out our wide range of options, or book a free consultation with us today.

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