Kids Booster scooter 150W


Kids Booster scooter 150W

Recommended for ages 12 and below.

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150W motor

Stable speed

E-ABS (Electric brakes)

Power Recycle

Energy Saving

Colour: Black


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This booster scooter is great for children! It almost works like a normal push scooter, but has power in it to assist the user in travelling at a stable speed.

Users can travel at a stable speed with the power assist motor, When the user needs to slow down or brake, the E-ABS system is used which is an electrical brake that uses a sensor to efficiently slow down while also using the power recycle feature to capture and recycle the energy from the scooter slowing down.

These scooters are great if you want to get a scooter for your child as well as you so you can both ride around together.

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