T1 Step-Thru


This bike is designed for those long treks, The T1 Step-Thru Electric Bike comprises a 250W powerful brushless motor with 50N.M torque that provides you with constant and strong power and enables the bike to speed up to 25km/h. With a replaceable hidden 450Wh lithium-ion battery, it can run up to 100km in assist mode, which is perfect for your long ride. The lightweight frame ensures the bike handles like a conventional mountain bike. The powerful motor adapts to your pedal inputs, allowing you to power through the city with ease.



Introducing the T1 Step-Thru

The T1 Step-Thru offers you the mobility of a normal E-bike with the added option for a place to store your items, These great E-bikes can be used for many different things. Travelling around the city and doing some shopping? The T1 Step-Thru can hold all your shopping thanks to it’s shelf rack located on the back of the bike where items can be tied down.

You may worry about the battery running out while you’re riding around on this bike, however, in pedal assist mode you can reach up 100 Kilometres of range! That’s 62 miles! If you’re someone who does not want to pedal around and would prefer to use the pure electric mode, you still can get up to  50Kilometres of range (31 miles) which is more than plenty to do your errands and still have some charge leftover!

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T1 Step-Thru Full Specifications:

Suspension:Mechanical Damping with Lockout
Motor:250W (Rated Voltage 36V; Ins Max Power 500W; Max Output Torque 50N.M)
Battery:450Wh, 36V 12.5Ah Support Protect System
Max Range:50KM (Electric Mode), 100KM (Assist Mode)
Max Speed:25 km/h
Charger Output:42V 2A
Charging Time:4-6h
Derailleur:Shimano Gear 7 Speeds (Rare)
Maximum Load:120kg
Recommended height of cyclists:155-195cm (5.09ft-6.39ft)
Height of Saddle:810mm-990mm
Waterproof Rate:IPX4
Brake System:Front & Rear Disc Brakes + Auto Power-off Design
Tires:CST 27.5″*1.75″ Pneumatic Tires
Display:3.5″ LCD

5 Speed Mode Weight & Size
Speed 1: 12 km/h Gross Weight: 30.5KG
Speed 2: 16 km/h Net Weight: 26KG
Speed 3: 20 km/h Package Size: 148x25x83cm
Speed 4: 23 km/h Unfolded Size: 179x68x112cm
Speed 5: 25 km/h Handlebar Width: 66cm


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